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Aligner treatment planning service

Next generation of clear aligner treatment planning service designed with dental professionals in mind.
Planned in-house. Tailored to your needs.

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Aligner treatment planning pricing

With Invident, it's simple to produce your own aligners. Our service caters for all types of providers – from the stand-alone dental clinic to full-scale orthodontic lab or high street aligner brand. Our Standard plan is best suited for the single independent practice wishing to produce aligners for internal usage. Premium plans target larger operations that wish to private-label their aligners. From start to finish, everything we do is in-house. This is our approach for maintaining the highest quality of our products.

Client categoryStandard
0-19 cases per year
20-49 cases per year
50+ cases per year
B2B Partners
50+ cases per month
Treatment planning190€150€120€90€ negot.
Export of production modelsfreefreefreefree
AlignerManager Web Applicationfreefreefreefree
1st Refinementfreefreefreefree
PVS impression handling fee50€50€50€N/A

Have control over your clear aligner cases

Securely log in and manage your cases in our AlignerManager web application for providers.

Open AlignerManager

How does our treatment planning service work?

This solo planning service allows you to fabricate aligners in your own premises. Combine your 3D printers with our treatment planning expertise. No matter if you're a small dental practice or a large chain. You upload the scans, we plan and visualize the treatment for you and export a series of ready-made dental models. This radically cuts your costs. It's available worldwide and it's plain and simple:

1. Upload scans

Scan your patient and upload the data into our AlignerManager web application.

2. Approve treatment plan

Our specialist will plan the aligner treatment and visualize the outcome for you. Once you approve our treatment plan proposal, we'll generate production models for each step in the treatment.

3. Download dental models

Download your models, print them in your practice and fabricate your own series of aligners.

dental model from planning software

Meet our treatment plans in action

Selected visualizations from our database

What makes our aligner planning service special?

Invident is an advanced system of clear aligners. Carefully designed for predictable results

Planned by a dentist

Each case is thoughtfully planned by a specially trained dentist and approved by our head of clinical treatment planning.

Various treatment protocols

We use a selection of protocols based on your needs. Attachments, IPR, molar distalization, premolar extraction, bite ramps, buttons with elastics.

Customizable movements

Our treatment parameters are proven to work, but we can accommodate your specific needs. We can customize the amount of linear and radial movements, maxims per step as well as per treatment.

European standard of quality

Whole process is managed in-house by us, in our facility. No step in the design or manufacturing is outsourced. That helps us to maintain high quality throughout the process and keep our turnover time short.

Technical advice

Do you need an advice to setup your own lab, choose the right 3D printer, printing material or thermoforming device? We're here to assist you in choosing the right option for you.

Trusted partner

We're in this business to build relationships. We are proud to welcome you as our client.

Contact details

Treatment Planning
InviDent OÜ
Sepapaja tn 6
15551 Tallinn
Business 14777488
VAT no.: EE102385254

InviDent, s.r.o.
Gemerská 3
040 11 Košice
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we are a traditional aligner producer as well. No matter what your needs are, we've got you covered.
The process in our treatment planning service is the same as with the aligner production, the only difference being that instead of delivering finished aligners we export print files for aligners to be 3D printed in-office.
All data should be uploaded into our AlignerManager web app
a) an STL or OBJ scan made of two separate arches oriented in correct occlusion;
b) intra-oral and facial images;
c) a panoramic X-ray;
d) case objectives.
We accept STL or OBJ files from all intra-oral or desktop scanners, provided the quality is good.
Yes, but there is an extra fee for handling PVS impressions.
Plans are available up to 3 business days.
We have two EU based operations. One in Slovakia and one in Estonia.
Yes, every plan is inspected and verified by a certified dental specialist prior to being made available.
Yes, attachments are used to better control mesial rotation, extrusion and bodily movements
Yes, clients can decide to incorporate IPR into the treatment plan. The IPR instructions are then readily available in the AlignerManager app.
Using our experience gained from thousands of cases, we ensure that all movement types are clinically attainable, performing increments of up to 0.3 mm for linear movements and up to 3° for radial movements in each aligner per step.
Most custumers use our cloud-based and mobile-friendly AlignerManager web application to review, revise and approve their plans. Our web applications is made available free of charge.
As many as necessary, until the customer is fully satisfied with the plan.
In all our plans the fee includes one free refinement.
Revision is a request to adjust the plan prior to approval. Refinement is a post-approval request for a mid-course correction.
All our planners are certified dental technicians who go through a rigorous training program.
Made in EU

Responsibly made in EU. We reduce our environmental impact, minimize our waste and recycle what we can.